Although known for their beauty, Whale sharks aren't often renowned for their intellegence. A whale sharks day is governed by one thing and one thing only... Food. 
Often the younger and fresher faces of the Ningaloo will show a fair bit of curiosity in divers trying to photograph them. They seem to show particular interest in the bubbles left my swimmers at the surface and often try to eat them, thinking they are food. 

This whale shark, although seemingly huge was actually only about 4m long which for an animal that grows upwards of 18m is still considered a baby. Thankfully it was more than entertained by the bubbles coming off my fins and stuck around for half an hour or so chasing food that didn't exist. 



This print is available in 4 options: 

Fine Art Print - Hahnemühle smooth 308GSM photo rag.
Framed Print - Fine art print, mounted and framed.
Canvas - 1.5inch Image wrap canvas print.
Metallic - Printed on Aluminium for a high gloss finish.

Frame Options: White, Black, Silver, Jarrah or Beech

Whale Shark