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/ˈpær.ə.daɪs/ a place or condition of great happiness and bliss where everything is exactly as it should be

Behind the Lens

Lewis Burnett is an award winning wildlife and travel photographer based out of Australia's South-West. 

Originally from Scotland, he was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by the rolling hills and forests that the country is famous for, planting the seed young for a life lived in nature. His teenage years were spent in Australia's stunning South-West, nurturing his love for all things salty and wild. Since finishing university in 2015 he has spent his time exploring the far flung corners of the world in search for his version of paradise. 

Lewis believes that our society has lost the vital connection with the natural world that allows us to not just survive on this crazy planet, but thrive. He hopes that by capturing the endless beauty that nature has to offer he will inspire people to live a more simple, happy and environmentally conscious life.

In the near future Lewis plans to take the necessary steps towards working with NGO's and Conservation agencies to help visually convey the scientific studies that are being undertaken to preserve some of the planets most magnificent species.