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Lewis Burnett, wildlife photographer, hunting for paradise photography, portrait in Africa

Behind the Lens

Lewis Burnett is an award winning wildlife photographer based out of Western Australia. After graduating from university with a BSc in Applied Geology in 2014 he decided to take an alternative path in life.

Since then he has been pursuing his one true passion, the thing that sets his soul on fire, spending time immersed in nature and exploring some of the wildest locations on planet earth. He has worked as a wildlife tour guide in multiple different regions across the Australian continent over the past 5 years and now runs bespoke wildlife and landscape photography workshops all over the world.

He has recently returned back to Australia after almost 8 months of overlanding Southern Africa, living out of a tent with his fiancée. Like many who have visited the region before him, he has now fallen deeply in love with the wildlife that calls the African continent home.

To learn more about his recent commercial projects and how you can work with Lewis, please continue to the "Work with me" tab. 

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