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Image thanks to George Carr @georgecarr_snaps


/ˈpær.ə.daɪs/ a place or condition of great happiness and bliss where everything is exactly as it should be

Behind the Lens

Lewis Burnett is a wildlife photographer based out of Western Australia. Originally hailing from rainy Scotland he made the move to warmer climes in his teenage years where he rapidly fell in love with the ocean and its inhabitants. 

Lewis believes that our society has lost the vital connection with the natural world that allows us to not just survive on this crazy planet, but thrive. He hopes that by capturing the endless beauty that nature has to offer he will inspire people to live a more simple, happy and environmentally conscious life.

He formed 'Hunting for Paradise' in 2017 as a passion project to help connect people to nature via compelling visual story telling. His work is now mostly focussed on helping visually communicate the efforts of NGO's and the scientific community in the hopes that by bridging the gap between art and science he can communicate to a wider audience the issues threatening our last wild places. 

If you think he could be of help on a project you're working on, no matter how big or small, please reach out...

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