Manta Rays display a very interesting mating behaviour. When the female manta is ready to mate she will release a pheremone which attracts the males of the area. She will then begin what is known as a "mating chain". These stunning displays of speed and manouverability can last up to a week as the males seek to copy and mimic the females every move. 

To a specator of this behaviour this can either come in the form of a fleeting glimpse, over before it even begins, or you can get lucky and witness the grace and speed of an aerial ballet with multiple manta rays twisting and turning in the water below. 

A very special thing to witness in nature. 

This print is available in 4 options: 

Fine Art Print - Hahnemühle smooth 308GSM photo rag.
Framed Print - Fine art print, mounted and framed.
Canvas - 1.5inch Image wrap canvas print.
Metallic - Printed on Aluminium for a high gloss finish.

Frame Options: White, Black, Silver, Jarrah or Beech

Manta Trio